Choose Your Contractor Wisely .. Please

Frankly, we are continually amazed by the frequency with which inferior product is used on both small and larger projects, especially by big companies that have been in town for a while. We ask ourselves, why in the world are they using that product, again?! (We know that manufacturer is having warranty issues.) I feel sorry for that homeowner. While we wish we could help everyone, all we can do is to try to create better product quality awareness.  The vast majority of consumers are under the impression that if they are doing  business with a company that has been around since 60s, that they are making the best decision. It seems that homeowners assume that if they are working with a roofing company that has been around a long time that they are also getting the best material and upgrades. Not true at all, necessarily. There’s a wide variety of product and brands in the market. We see big companies using brands all the time that I would not put on my own house. There are several reasons this happens. Some of them I can state, and others I’d prefer not to. The number one reason this happens is simple. Lack of product knowledge. Regardless of what a good salesman will tell you at the front door about their company’s BBB rating, how long they’ve been in business or how many 1000s of roofs they’ve done, they likely have not been in the business long enough themselves to really know how one product holds up versus another. I’m not saying they are doing anything questionable. What I am saying is that you could and should be getting a much higher level of product quality than you are being offered. We have seen more storms than the majority of (new to the industry) sales people. We know what works and lasts over time, and we are typically willing to give it to you for no additional cost. You owe it to yourself to let us show you how to get the very best roof system and product possible. Call us today!

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