Choose Your Contractor Wisely .. Please

Frankly, we are continually amazed by the frequency with which inferior product is used on both small and larger projects, especially by big companies that have been in town for a while. We ask ourselves, why in the world are they using that product, again?! (We know that manufacturer is having warranty issues.) I feel sorry for that homeowner. While we wish we could help everyone, all we can do is to try to create better product quality awareness.  The vast majority of consumers are under the impression that if they are doing  business with a company that has been around since 60s, that they are making the best decision. It seems that homeowners assume that if they are working with a roofing company that has been around a long time that they are also getting the best material and upgrades. Not true at all, necessarily. There’s a wide variety of product and brands in the market. We see big companies using brands all the time that I would not put on my own house. There are several reasons this happens. Some of them I can state, and others I’d prefer not to. The number one reason this happens is simple. Lack of product knowledge. Regardless of what a good salesman will tell you at the front door about their company’s BBB rating, how long they’ve been in business or how many 1000s of roofs they’ve done, they likely have not been in the business long enough themselves to really know how one product holds up versus another. I’m not saying they are doing anything questionable. What I am saying is that you could and should be getting a much higher level of product quality than you are being offered. We have seen more storms than the majority of (new to the industry) sales people. We know what works and lasts over time, and we are typically willing to give it to you for no additional cost. You owe it to yourself to let us show you how to get the very best roof system and product possible. Call us today!

Understanding Storm Chasing

The term storm chaser is used often after a hail storm. Typically, people are referring to companies that are not local and who all of the sudden show up in your front yard after a hail storm. Here’s a shocking fact. A large number of homeowners end up signing a contract with a “storm chasing” company, without even knowing it. Wow. How in the world could that be? I’ll explain. Many roof restoration companies are national. Meaning, they maintain an address in Denver, for example. That address is typically a low rent store front or industrial location on the outskirts of town. The fact is, they are not at that location Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm unless a storm hits Denver. When the storm does hit, they dispatch their ground forces to the Denver office to go turn on the lights, printing presses and to call their old customers and whatever else to reconvene their Denver operations. They have these locations all over the country in hail prone areas and simply bounce from one location to the next. The salesperson you initially met, will typically not physically be at that same location in 9 months. Furthermore, the crews that install roofs for these companies are migrant skeleton crews that may or may not have ever built a roof for this company and may or may not ever build one again. Has a crime been committed under this business model? Absolutely not. Is this really the model you thought you signed up for when you signed the roof contract? Likely not. If you signed a contract less than 72 hours ago, remember that in Colorado you are legally entitled to rescind a contract to perform work on your home within 72 hours.  In our opinion, you are best served to be working with a roofing contractor that works exclusively in Colorado. You might also vet the crews that the contractor uses. You can do that by simply asking, what is the name of the crew lead that will be on my roof and in charge of the crew doing my install? If they don’t know or can’t give you the guy’s name, bad sign. That usually means they have no idea what crew is doing your roof. I personally don’t want a group of people, whose names are not known, to be the random group of laborers installing my roof. You deserve better. Call us today!

The wonderful world of biking

I ride mountain for the most part. I do a bit of road as well, when I’m short on time and just want to get some miles. I’ve ridden a 29″ hard tail Niner Air 9, for the last 3 years. I have literally not ridden my 26″ full suspension at all since I got the Niner. I just bought an Ibis Mojo 3 (27.5″) plus size. I rode it for the first time over the weekend. Loved it. If you’re a front range rider and want to ride, I’m always game. I am often in or around Golden during the spring and summer hitting one of the local spots. Give me a call!

Giving Back to the Community

PJC Construction believes strongly in giving back to our community. Following are two causes that our company is passionate about and to which it contributes resources of both time and money.

Wounded Warrior Project:

This is a cause we are deeply touched by and committed to. Our company has family members who have not only served our country overseas but have also sustained injuries as a result. Not enough respect can be paid and tribute made to all of the women and men that have served and continue to serve our country to protect our personal freedoms. For this we are sincerely thankful. We donate a portion of our company’s profit to this indispensable cause.

We strongly encourage anyone with an interest to visit their website to learn more.


Phil Crout, the owner of PJC Construction, is a 1997 graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business where he received his B.S. in the field of Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He shares his time and experience with this incredible Denver-based non-profit program.

YouthBiz is an Entrepreneurship program for the high school aged students where they learn about starting small businesses. They also practice social skills such as approaching and meeting people as well as how to talk with others and “pitch” their business ideas. Self-worth and confidence are attributes that the program values highly and instills among the students. Many of the youth participants actually start their own successful small businesses.

The students also have the ability to earn a stipend so long as they adhere to specific guidelines and requirements of the program. This money can be used to fund their start-up businesses or pay for education.

We fully support programs such as these that provide young people with a learning environment where seeds for future success can be planted.

Please feel free to visit their website as well, if you are interested in learning more.