Insurance Claims

Insurance Claim Specialists

We are highly proficient in the insurance claims settlement process. This begins with meeting the adjuster at the initial physical inspection of the property, in order to take an active role in the damage assessment process. Having us present at the initial adjuster meeting as your advocate allows us to get the claim going in the right direction, adding a tremendous amount of efficiency to what can become a time consuming process. We know what questions to ask, what to point out and how to articulate relevant local code requirements, to independent or staff adjusters that may not be familiar with the local code if they are on a rotation from another state. Not doing these things the right way, or not at all, can make the process go much slower. It always takes more time to get these things done properly after the fact, rather than setting them straight at the initial site visit. Worse yet, a mishandled claim can easily leave an insured not being paid the full benefit that they were legally entitled to. Once the initial claim detail is received by the homeowner, we review it and then submit the necessary supplemental requests for additional items to be paid. We make certain that you receive the full and fair value of your claim. As your contractor, this enables us to restore your property to code with the highest grade of building material possible and leaving you with a superior grade of restored finish. Upon completion of your project, we handle all necessary invoicing to your insurance carrier so that the final payments can be issued to you for the work that’s been completed.

We work with all major carriers including:

State Farm
American Family
Liberty Mutual
American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC)
Guide One
Church Mutual
Brotherhood Mutual
Farm Bureau